2014 Annual Meeting

EDAMBA 24th Annual Meeting & General Assembly
York, U.K.
Date: September 7-9, 2014

Theme of the annual meeting: Creative Supervision

Annual Meeting Website: EDAMBA2014

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In recent years concerns with ensuring quality in the outputs of PhD programmes have led to concentration on standardization of processes, provision of courses, skills training, monitoring student progression, supervisory performance, examination procedures and success rates. The overwhelming focus on the production elements of doctoral education has emphasised its knowledge generation and transfer aspects, too often incrementally. Yet if a PhD is meant to be an original contribution to knowledge, how can “originality” be nurtured? And if, as governments across Europe are emphasising, the vital ingredient to economic success is creativity, shouldn’t it be playing a major role at the highest level of education internationally? What processes help and hinder discovery, insight, serendipity and breakthrough?

In this year’s keynotes and sessions we will be exploring what creativity is in doctoral work and how conditions that encourage creativity can be developed. We also will consider how creativity might be identified, both before and after recruitment, and how creative contributions, including methods of investigation and of representation can be incorporated into doctoral research and appropriately rewarded. Can the supervisory process be innovative and creative, and still meet the quality guidelines already established? Is the PhD the only form of doctorate to meet the “gold standard” or are other modalities, like the DBA equally credible? Do we need new forms of doctorate, new forms of supervision, new forms of thesis to meet the challenges of creativity? Can doctoral training centres clustering cognate disciplines help spark lateral thinking, or are they simply evidence of more standardization and control?

Keynotes will be delivered by three internationally renowned speakers.

Bobby Banerjee PhD is Professor of Management and Director of the executive PhD programme at Cass Business School, City University, London. Previously Asssociate Dean for research at the University of Western Sydney, Bobby also directed the PhD programmes at the University of South Australia (Adelaide) and RMIT University Melbourne. Bobby’s own PhD was from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and he worked as a manager for Rhone-Poulenc in India prior to entering academia. Author of Corporate Social Responsibility: the Good the Bad and the Ugly he recently also published “Professional doctorates in management: Towards a practice-based approach to doctoral education”, in the prestigiousAcademy of Management Learning & Education journal (2013 with C. Morley)

Bill Cooke PhD is Professor of Strategic Management at the University of York and Vice-President (Research) of the British Academy of Management. Bill was recently Head of the Department of Organization, Work and Technology at the University of Lancaster, and previously worked at the University of Manchester’s International Development Unit. He was President of the US Academy of Management’s Critical Management Studies Interest Group and steered it through to full incorporation as a Division. Also holding a Sheffield Hallam University MSc in Organization Development, Bill co-edited an extremely well cited volume Participation: the New Tyranny? and also the Sage Handbook of Action Research.

Hugo Letiche PhD is Emeritus Professor at the Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht, The Netherlands, and Visiting Professor at the University of Leicester Management School. A psychologist trained at the University of Chicago and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, he worked for many years at Erasmus University Rotterdam before setting up a very successful and highly innovative executive PhD programme in Utrecht. His most recent book is The Relevant PhD (2014) with Geoff Lightfoot.


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2nd edition of 'A Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors'

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A European Code of Practice for Doctoral Studies in Management and Business
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