About Us

EDAMBA is the ‘European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration’. We aim to promote and facilitate cooperation among Doctoral Programmes in Management and Business Administration.  Our members are Business Schools, Universities and Schools of Management with PhD programmes.  Established in 1991, our mission is to develop common ideas, values, evaluation criteria, standards, and practices to assess and enhance the quality of doctoral education, through the exchange of experiences and cooperation in a global network.


EDAMBA's purpose is to:

  • Provide a network to exchange information,
  • Promote research co-operation
  • Help to increase the quality of PhD programmes
  • Create an environment of excellence with a European perspective
  • Pursue diversity


EDAMBA has four principal activities 

  1. Summer Research Academy – a forum for doctoral students 
  2. Consortium – a forum for PhD supervisors in collaboration with EIASM
  3. Thesis Competition – an award for doctoral dissertations 
  4. Annual Meeting – a forum for Directors of PhD progammes


We have 60 members from 30 countries.  Our members are committed to creating and sharing initiatives and achieving excellence whilst appreciating and promoting collaboration, diversity and community building.  Universities or business schools awarding one (or more) doctoral degree(s) in the fields of Management and Business Administration can apply for EDAMBA membership.

New Initiatives

Joint EIASM-EDAMBA initiatives

  • Development of ‘A European Code of Practice for Doctoral Studies In Management and Business’
  • EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium on Doctoral Supervision offers an opportunity for developing the next generation of supervisors.


The Association is administered by an Executive Committee of 8 members which includes the President, Vice-President, the Treasurer, the General Secretary, Executive Secretary, Honorary Past Presidents plus Members elected at large by the General Assembly. (These Officers and Directors are members of the board and 'administrators' of the AISBL according to Belgian law.) Elections for the Officers of the Executive Committee take place every May for a one year term starting in September.   The current Executive Committee can be viewed here.
EDAMBA is a registered international non-profit organization with scientific and educational objectives, governed by the dispositions of the Code for Companies and Associations of 23 March 2019 pertaining to non-profit organizations, international non-profit organizations, and foundations, as published in the Annexes of the official public registry organ: Le Moniteur belge.
The consitution of the Association can be viewed here

EDAMBA aims to achieve its mission through three pillars of activity:
1. The Annual Meeting
2. The Summer Research Academy
3. The EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium of Doctoral Supervision

EDAMBA engages in global collaboration across networks
1. European Code of Practice