EDAMBA History Book

EDAMBA History Book 


In 1991, a group of directors of doctoral programmes in management from European business schools, using land mail to communicate, decided to  launch EDAMBA as a network to exchange their practices and foster their reflections on the future of doctoral education. In 2011, the association held its 20th annual meeting at ESADE business school (Barcelona). This book recounts the history of the association together with that of its constituents.

Beyond the historical tale, this book also deals with the future: the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the association in Barcelona in September 2011 will stand as a landmark for it has elicited rich debates on issues of importance and relevance for doctoral education. As pointed out in one of the articles, doctoral education is becoming a global activity.


To train the millions of managers which the fast economic growth everywhere requires, old and new universities and schools over the planet need teachers with doctorates. This new trend imposes a thorough revision of the role of European universities and schools in doctoral education and research. Moreover, in the next two decades the technology will allow creating and disseminating knowledge in totally new ways, modifying deeply the nature of competition and collaboration among the research and education institutions.


To cope with the forthcoming environment, the European institutions have to communicate better and join their forces. This is why EDAMBA is collaborating closely with the European Institution for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) to form a shared vision of our role in the future of doctoral education and this book reflects this willingness. For those who are interested in the birth and the growth of a European action in doctoral education this book will provide outstanding historical materials. For those who are concerned with the future, it will be a source of inspiration to design the new frames for tackling the challenging issues described.



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EDAMBA aims to achieve its mission through three pillars of activity:
1. The Annual Meeting
2. The Summer Research Academy
3. The EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium of Doctoral Supervision

EDAMBA engages in global collaboration across networks
1. European Code of Practice