General Assembly

The General Assembly in 2023 will take place at Corvinus University of Budapest on September 4, 2023 at 15.15.

This meeting serves as a forum for the EDAMBA President to communicate any recent developments and especially Executive Committee decisions requiring the formal approval of the EDAMBA membership – as well as for EDAMBA members to air any questions they may have, voice their opinions on EDAMBA and its activities, and actively participate in determining the future of their Association. One representative of each EDAMBA member institution present at the General Assebly has one vote. Formal approval of the annual accounts and those Executive Committee decisions requiring the support of the EDAMBA membership (e.g., changes to the statutes, membership fees, etc.) are officially carried (or not) by a simple majority of votes at the General Assembly.

EDAMBA aims to achieve its mission through the development and implementation of three activity pillars:

  • 1. The Annual Meeting
  • 2. The Summer Research Academy
  • 3. The EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium of Doctoral Supervision

EDAMBA engages in global collaborations across networks
  • 1. European Code of Practice
  • 2. EQUAL
  • 3. AACSB